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Future:System – Transformation beyond Megatrends | English PDF

Future:System – Transformation beyond Megatrends | English PDF

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The Future:System is the central thinking model of the Future:Project. The transformative trend system describes social change processes and identifies potentials for companies to shape the future - beyond megatrends.

Scope of delivery: Publication as PDF for download (single use, may not be reproduced)

Future:System – Transformation beyond Megatrends | May 2024 | Judith Block, Jonas Höhn, Verena Muntschick, Lena Papasabbas, Nina Pfuderer, Christian Schuldt | ISBN: 978-3-910992-10-8 | 74 pages

Six major transformations that will shape the future

We define six major transformation processes that - unlike the linear development of megatrends - are more hybrid, more complex and therefore also more open-ended. The six transformations reflect the major challenges of our time. And they point to the potential for shaping a future worth living in.

  • Human Digitality: The networking frenzy becomes cultivated digitality
  • Conscious Economy: The meritocracy becomes the conscious economy
  • Co-Society: Polarization becomes new societal bridges
  • Mindshift Revolution: Social inequality becomes empowered identities
  • Glocalisation: Global unification becomes glocal diversity
  • Eco Transition: Green abnegation becomes systemic sustainability

The subtrends of the six transformations 

From Adaptive Environments and Mental Health Shift to Urban Villages: the landscape of subtrends is in a constant state of flux. The Future:System trend lexicon presents the currently most relevant of these trends and assigns them to the formative transformations. Each subtrend also includes various trend phenomena that describe niche and zeitgeist currents and open up different trend facets.

Reading sample Future:System

Methodology of the Future:System

The Future:System methodology goes beyond previously known megatrend typologies - with the aim of shedding light on the transformative change processes of our time and deriving constructive futures from them. As a fundamental work, the publication presents the approach of The Future:Project and focuses on the six major transformations in which the future is being negotiated today - beyond megatrends.

About The Future:Project

The Future:Project is a network of highly experienced trend and future researches that specialize on transdisziplinary thinking. We see it as our duty to set our gaze to where the future is being created right now: the great transformations of our time. We focus on constructive, liveable futures.

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